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The sustainable wedding trend is something we at Moor Hall Hotel & Spa are loving! From plastic free disposable products throughout the big day to using online RSVP invitations and donating wedding flowers is something we have already seen at our venue.

Laura our balloon and decor supplier Inflate and Kreate commented "Air filled designs are more environmentally friendly than helium filled designs and this is something many couples feel passionate about for their wedding decor.

Smaller Weddings

The financial constraints faced by many people are palpable, particularly in the context of weddings. While some couples remain steadfast in realising their dream weddings despite escalating costs, there is a discernible shift towards more budget-conscious alternatives, such as micro weddings.


According to one of our suppliers, Sorella, we're starting 2024 off strong with bold colours! "I'd be remiss not to coin 2024 as the 'Year of the Colour'" Dani, fromDani's Wedding Party Angels, agrees: "We are definitely diving back into color in 2024." Over the last few years, we've seen weddings move away from simple white-and-green palettes to bold kaleidoscopes of colour. And while the move toward punchier hues isn't going away, we are seeing more thoughtfulness and refinement with the use of colour.

If you want to know what is on-trend for wedding decor in 2024, you need to look up. Unique hanging installations are one of the latest trends with wedding reception decorations. Sorella, says that the couples who hire her company are loving dramatic ceiling installations, especially over the dance floor. "They invoke an incredible wow factor and create a big impact."

The pro goes on to note that this 2024 wedding decor trend is translating into "increased requests for lush hanging florals paired with beautiful lighting fixtures." Wedding decor doesn't have to be limited to tabletops—take your imagination to new heights and bringing guests' gaze upward.

Macrame Wedding Decor

Bridal & Groomswear

Top trending wedding dresses according to our preferred wedding dress supplier Evelyn Rose Bridal are illusion long sleeve and off the shoulder dresses as well as fitted boho dresses which as still a big favourite. Michelle from Evelyn Rose Bridal commented: "We tend to stock a mixture of different colours ivory, rose, champagne so the bride has a choice instead of always going for ivory."

For bridesmaid dresses the most popular colours, like the decor trends are sage green or vintage rose.

Kevin from Kevin Paul Menwear commented: "Tuxedos for wedding suits have recently seen a surge in popularity. Be it blue or black and even velvet. Besides tuxedos, blue suits and grey suits are still the most popular for weddings in both lounge suits and tailcoats. Trends in neckwear colours usually follow the theme of the wedding, so we have seen very much sage green and blush pink this year."

Wedding Dress Trends


Chris from Romantic Piano mentioned that classical music is still often selected for the bridal entrance. As well as Ludovico Einadudi's beautifully reflective piano piece "I Giorni" is also frequently chosen. Popular selections for the signing of the registrar include "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri and "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran.

Wedding Cakes

The current wedding cake trend is to be smaller cakes, in tune with the sustainable weddings as there is less waste. Vegan cakes are also a big hit for weddings in the coming year. Paula from A Cake to Remember says "taller and slimmer is definitely a trend at the moment with blush the most chosen colour. It's such a beautiful shade!"

Hair & Beauty

Max from Pure Hair & Spa says that top wedding hair trends are currently "gentle curls, mostly down with maybe a soft twist or braid pinned from the sides. Low maintenance and a natural make up look with a smokey eye seem to be what the brides are after".

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