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Kim & Dan: Summer Sweethearts

Bride and groom: Kimberley and Daniel Harrison
Date of wedding: August 3rd 2023
First met: At a school party 
Honeymoon: Dominican Republic 
Photographer: David Wadley 

Classic, yet modern with special personal touches; Kim and Dan knew exactly what they wanted on their special day this summer. 

We know that Dan chose Moor Hall for the proposal, what made him choose our hotel and was it a surprise for you Kim?

Dan was looking for a really nice hotel to celebrate my birthday, so he told me to pack a bag for a special night away. Moor Hall has lovely grounds and the hot tub room was definitely a romantic touch. As it was my birthday, I didn’t suspect anything - so the proposal was a complete surprise!

What details were important to you when planning your wedding? 

We knew we were going to choose Moor Hall as a venue, as it was the place we got engaged and was special to us.

We were comfortable breaking with traditions so the wedding suited us as a couple. For example, we swapped sides in the ceremony that are traditional for the guests to be seated, so our families could see our faces during the vows rather than our backs!

We didn’t want a top table, so we opted for a sweetheart table just for us, which I thoroughly recommend.  We wanted the emphasis to be on what makes us happy and how important our family is to us too. That’s why we had a relationship timeline for guests to look at and we had loved one’s pictures pinned to Dan’s suit and my grandparents’ pictures pinned to my bouquet, so they were with us in spirit on the day.

What was your wedding theme?

Our theme was modern and classic, with elegant silvers and lilacs throughout the flowers and the decor.

What was the most memorable part of the day for you?

We discussed this as a couple after the wedding. We chose a sweetheart table and were so glad that we did, as we had the time to sit together and digest the day so far and take time together for just us. We were looking out at our families having fun in the same room together and we looked at each other and shared a special moment. We were just so happy that they were all here for us, celebrating together on our special day.

What was your music choice for your first dance, and why is the song special to you?

Ed Shearan, Perfect. We heard this song when it came out and as we are childhood sweethearts, the words fit perfectly. We had discussed before we even got engaged that this would be the song for our first dance.  There was no question that this would be our song.

Is there anything you would have done differently on the day if you had the chance?

I would be little less nervous! I’d love to go back and tell myself to take it all in a bit more on the day too as it goes so fast. Dan was cool as a cucumber though, very laid back and very chilled!

What advice would you give to couples on their wedding day?

Remember to take time to enjoy yourself and take in all the special moments. Make sure you do everything that makes you as a couple happy. The day is for you, so remember that and take time for each other throughout the day.

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