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Could a personal trainer benefit you?

Whatever your goals may be and however you’re hoping to train, it’s worth featuring regular trips to the gym as part of any weight loss journey. Get some inspiration for fat burning and weight loss with our Trainers

A member explains below how Fitness instructor Connor has helped with their weight loss journey. 


Could a personal trainer benefit you?

I have been going the gym intermittently for the last 2 years and not really seeing any change in myself. At the start of the year I had just hit the 16 stone mark, the heaviest I have ever been, so I decided to ask Connor if he would train me to really try to make a change this time.

I’d previously been to Connor’s spin classes at the gym and was impressed by his enthusiasm; I knew he would push me hard and more importantly make me accountable which is what I needed.

The first session was very tough, my fitness was absolutely awful but I quickly realised that what I had previously been doing in the gym to try to lose weight and get fitter, had been a bit of a waste of time!

Connor took me through every machine and exercise and combined this with some weight training as the weeks went on. I now feel completely confident going into the gym using pretty much everything in there. 

Connor also helped me massively with the diet and nutrition side of things. He sent me various plans to stick to throughout the time I was with him and he checked in with me regularly to make sure I was actually sticking to it!

We did 2 sessions a week together on Mondays and Thursdays and I was weighed every Monday to track my progress - this kept me accountable at the weekends as well. I also came in 2 more times in a week and trained alone.

As the weeks progressed my fitness improved dramatically and the weight started to fall off me. Connor would increase the workload every week to make sure I was always progressing, introducing different and varied sessions each week.

All in all, I started a 12-week programme with Connor on the 9th of January and we finished our final session on 6th of April and I have gone from 16 stone, to 12 stone 12 Ibs.

I’ve lost a total of 3 stone and 2 Ibs overall - in just under 3 months!

 It goes without saying that I am absolutely over the moon with that and I couldn’t have done it without Connor’s help and guidance.

 If anyone is looking to lose weight properly and consistently as well as improving their overall fitness, I could not recommend Connor highly enough.

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