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TRX Training Tips

TRX Training Tips

Using the TRX equipment at Moor Hall Leisure Club is a fantastic form of exercise that uses your own body weight and gravity to create resistance.

Fitness instructor Connor explains below how to make the most of this piece of kit and what he loves most about using it.

Connor's Top Tips for the TRX

Suspension training, otherwise known as TRX training, has almost become a necessity in a good gym because of its ability to be used by everyone from beginner to advanced gym goer. TRX which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise is a fantastic form of exercise that uses your own body weight and gravity to create resistance.

Benefits of the TRX

A few benefits of the TRX are that it can be used to build strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination safely and also very effectively.

The best thing about TRX is that due to its adjustability you can change the height to allow different levels of difficulty and different muscle activation. You can also perform a vast variety of exercises in just that one spot meaning you can spend less time moving around and just get straight into your workout.

What I enjoy

A few of the exercises that I personally enjoy are the back row, squatting and standing triceps extensions.

  • The back row is great at hitting all areas of your back as you can adjust where it targets on your back by simply standing up straighter or going lower to the ground.
  • Squatting is great using the TRX as thanks to the way the equipment works there are so many different ways to adjust or tweak your squat to change the difficulty. Try adding a jump at the extension to just add that explosive aspect to your workout. Or take your legs closer to the wall turning it into a form of hack squats.
  • Standing triceps extensions will massively hit your core just as much as it targets your triceps. The TRX will also grant your the ability to add a new twist to old exercises as it makes it possible to switch up your workout with just a small adaptation.

I also love the TRX because it doesn't matter what exercise you're doing you will always be using your core in many different ways. I love using the TRX when I am training legs because it allows me to use a different angle on the exercises I'm performing with it. This means that i will be using my muscles in a totally new way.

If you want to include the TRX into your fitness regime or want to add a new exercise into your routine please come and find me or any of the instructors and we will be happy to demonstrate.


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