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Moor Hall Raise Over £4,000 For Sutton Coldfield Charity

Moor Hall Raise Over £4,000 For Sutton Coldfield Charity divider

In 2023 we have demonstrated our commitment to making a positive impact in Sutton Coldfield by raising funds and supporting a local charity, Square Peg Activities

A Tradition of Giving

Every year we select a local charity for our fundraising endeavours. In 2023, Square Peg Activities was chosen for its outstanding work in providing support to children with additional needs and their families. Based in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield, Square Peg Activities aims to empower children and young people with disabilities to lead active, healthy and fulfilled lives. They provide a range of inclusive spaces where children with additional needs and their families can spend much needed quality time together. 

Moor Hall Charity Fundraising 2023 2

Diverse Fundraising Initiatives

Throughout the year, we organised a variety of events to support Square Peg Activities. From the glamour of the Ascot Ladies Day Event to the excitement of charity sweepstakes, we engaged both staff and guests in activities that not only raised funds but also fostered a sense of community. A notable highlight was the charity row and the entertaining Movie Musicals Tribute Night, both of which brought people together for a good cause.

Moor Hall Charity Fundraising 2023 1

Hands-On Support

Going beyond monetary contributions, our team actively participated in supporting Square Peg Activities. A team from the hotel visited the charity's center in Boldmere, demonstrating our commitment by painting the sensory room and ground floor areas. This hands-on approach highlights the our desire to create a lasting impact beyond financial assistance.

Moor Hall Charity Fundraising 2023 4

Words from the General Manager

Mark Medley, General Manager of Moor Hall Hotel, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Square Peg Activities. "It's been great working with Sharon and Lauren from Square Peg Activities this year," he said. "It's inspiring to see the team come together to support these fundraising activities, from organising a charity row to helping paint the centre."

Moor Hall Charity Fundraising 2023 3

A Christmas to Remember

Square Peg Activities, known for its after-school and holiday clubs, is gearing up for a special Christmas experience. Over 40 families will be visiting the center for a Grinch-themed event, a beloved tradition that brings joy to all involved. The funds raised by Moor Hall Hotel will contribute to making this Christmas experience truly magical, ensuring that the children receive thoughtful gifts that will bring smiles to their faces.

Moor Hall Hotel's commitment to supporting Square Peg Activities in 2023 goes beyond monetary donations. Through a diverse range of fundraising activities and hands-on involvement, the hotel has truly embraced the spirit of community and philanthropy. As the year comes to a close, the impact of their efforts will be felt during the festive season, creating lasting memories for the children and families supported by Square Peg Activities.

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