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Moor Hall Hotel & Spa Encourages Guests to Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Moor Hall Hotel & Spa Encourages Guests to Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions  divider
Carl in Woodlands

Stay or meet at Moor Hall Hotel & Spa and make your visit carbon neutral. Moor Hall Hotel & Spa are dedicated to improving the environment in which we work and live in and creating a legacy for future generations. In 2022 we are aiming to plant mature trees in our woodlands and work with Birmingham Trees for Life to plant new trees in local areas.

Why Offset Your Carbon Emissions?

The average person in the UK is responsible for 5.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year. By offsetting your Co2 emissions you are ensuring the same amount of Co2 is removed from the atmosphere. Trees play a key role in the carbon cycle as they absorb Co2 from the atmosphere during photosynthesis. Each year roughly 20 million tonnes of Co2 are absorbed by the UK’s forests. The carbon will eventually be re-released into the atmosphere as the trees decay, before being reabsorbed by new trees. As a result, it is vital to both protect existing trees and plant new ones to cope with the rising Co2 levels caused by human activity.

How Much Co2e Do Guests Produce When Visiting?

When guests visit or stay in our hotel Co2e are generated by the guests travelling to the hotel, using energy during their stay and dining. We have calculated the carbon emissions generated by a guest staying at the hotel is equal to 0.5 tonnes of Co2e which costs round £3 to offset. We have calculated the carbon emissions generated by meeting for 10 delegates at the hotel is equal to 0.9 tonnes of Co2e which costs around £5 to offset.

Carl planting silver birches

What Does My Donation Help Fund?

We have a number of initiatives to help us and our guests offset their carbon emissions. Our first goal is to plant mature trees in the woodlands in our own grounds which provide vital habitats for wildlife and a place for guests to visit and connect with nature. In 2022 we aim to plant 10 mature trees, as well as creating and supporting wildlife habitats with a mini beast hotel, bird boxes, badger cam and other initiatives.

Our secondary goal is to support Birmingham Trees for Life which is a partnership between the Birmingham Civil Society and Birmingham City Council. The project is devoted to promoting awareness and understanding the value and importance of trees in Birmingham, raising money to enable more trees to be planted and encouraging everyone to help plant them. All of the tree planting projects take place on land owned by Birmingham City Council – public parks and open spaces and by raising donations for the project we can help BTFL reach their target of 10,000 trees in 2022.

Moor Hall Hotel & Spa’s General Manager, Mark Medley commented: “We are keen to ensure that guests staying or meeting at our hotel can now offset their Co2e easily. Guests staying at the hotel can add a £3 donation to their online booking or at checkout. Meetings and events can add £5 (which will offset a meeting of up to 10 delegates) or more if they wish, for bigger events. These donations will ensure the visit is Co2 neutral and will be used to plant mature trees in our own woodlands as well as support local projects around Birmingham.

We are excited to continue our work on this project and invest more as a business to ensuring we are Co2e neutral”.

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