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So the bride and groom have skipped church, been inspired by Pinterest and are now handing you some deodorant – welcome to a wedding, 2017 style!
According to luxury wedding planners, Lily & Sage, it’s growing more usual for couples to turn their backs on traditional church weddings, and instead opt for a register office ceremony before a blessing takes place in a cherished location.
But that doesn’t mean they are skimping on cost. According to a recent survey by Bridebook, average wedding costs have reached a new high, which may in part due to the fact that couples are marrying at an older age, giving them more time to save and afford a more lavish affair.


With so much investment in the big day, it’s little wonder that couples want to put their own stamp on it as much as possible by personalising all the details they can. That often means a charming, handmade element, with favours, place cards and invitations brimming with creativity and individuality. ‘Save the date’ invitations might even be in the form of a YouTube video and a shower of rose petals may accompany the first dance.

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Huge illuminated letters are bang on trend and at Moor Hall we have helped put together some stunning backdrops to help make all those selfies even more memorable. Recently we’ve seen a Las Vegas skyline and a Dubai-themed wedding with a glittering skyline, stuffed cuddly camels and traditional dress.

We’ve also hosted an unusual Goth-themed wedding where favourite band T-shirts became chair covers!

Little Extras

Nowadays, thoughtful lovebirds are having fun making sure that their guests enjoy the party to the max. They may choose to have boxes of flip flops for anyone wanting to slip into something more comfortable than their high heels in the evening, or have ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ tables and “bathroom baskets”. These help friends and relatives freshen up as the day goes on – with hairspray, hair gel, anti-perspirant, perfume and aftershave. They come in His and Hers versions and even include painkillers for when the pimping of Prosecco becomes too much!

And while the happy couple have their photos taken, boredom is banished as there are often games to keep guests happy. At Moor Hall Hotel & Spa we have seen a giant Jenga and Connect 4 set up on the lawns and also traditional fairground stalls like hoopla and hook a duck.

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Social Media

When it comes to the day itself, selfie sticks have replaced disposable cameras on guest tables and Instagram is the place to be.
While it was once the done thing to have a monogram, we are now seeing hashtags more and more, although it must be mentioned that some couples ask guests not to post anything on social media until the official photos have been released.

The Real Theme is Love!

However much weddings are changing, there is still real heart to people’s chosen set-up. Often now there may be a ‘memory table’ with photos of loved-ones who are no longer with us. And if a couple decide they don’t want to spend money on wedding favours, they may choose to support a charity that really means something to them instead.
While the more traditional aspects of a wedding may not be so popular these days, it’s good to know love never goes out of fashion!

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