Thalgo Christmas Gift Sets

We have a wonerful selection of Thalgo gift sets available from our Spa reception, limited stock - buy yours today!

ThalgoMen Energising Skincare
£38 (contents worth £70.75 RRP)
Cleansing Gel (75ml), Intensive Hydrating Cream (50ml), Antifatigue Serum for Eyes (15ml)Thalgomen Energising skincare.

Christmas Cracker Skin Solutions
£20 (contents worth £40.71 RRP)
Hydra-Marine 24H Cream (15ml), Hydra-Marine Serum (10ml), 24H Hydrating Body Milk (30ml), Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream (20ml)Christmas Cracker Skin Solutions 2

Christmas Cracker Anti-Ageing
£17 (contents worth £36.75 RRP)
Hyaluronic Cream (15ml), Hyaluronic Mask (15ml),
Deeply Nourishing Body Cream (£30ml)Christmas Cracker Anti Ageing 3

Christmas Cracker ThalgoMen
£18 (contents worth £40.78 RRP)
Wake-Up Shower Gel (30ml), After-Shave Balm (20ml), Regenerating Cream (15ml), Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum (10ml)Christmas Cracker ThalgoMen 4

Source Marine Radiance Discovery
£29.50 (contents worth £53.90 RRP)
Hydra-Marine Gel-Cream (30ml), Ultra Radiance Mask (30ml), Refreshing Exfoliator (20ml)Source Marine Radiance Discovery 5

Source Marine Hydration
£49.50 (contents worth £107.40 RRP)
Hydra-Marine 24H Cream (50ml), Hydra-Marine Serum (30ml), Sleeping Cream (15ml)Source Marine Hydration 6

Cold Cream Marine Dry/Sensitive Skin
£46.50 (contents worth £81.30 RRP)
Nutri-Soothing Cream (50ml), SOS Soothing Mask (50ml),
Make-Up Removing Cleansing Gel-Oil (50m)Cold Cream Marine 7

Collagen Anti-Ageing 25+
£63 (contents worth £124.83 RRP)
Collagen Cream (50ml), Collagen Concentrate (20ml),
Collagen Eye Roll-On (15ml)Collagen Anti Ageing 25+ 8

Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing 35+
£72 (contents worth £122.00 RRP)
Hyaluronic Cream (50ml), Hyaluronic Filler (15ml),
Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks (x3)Hyaluronic Anti Ageing 35+ 9

Silicium Marin Anti-Ageing 45+
£79 (contents worth £173.55 RRP)
Silicum Cream (50ml), Wrinkle Lifting Serum (30ml),
Lifting Correcting Night Cream (20ml)Silicium Marin Anti Ageing 45+ 10

Exception Marine Anti-Ageing 50+
£120 (contents worth £216.66 RRP)
Redensifying Cream (50ml), Intensive Redensifying Serum (30ml), Eyelid Lifting Cream (10ml)Exception Marine Anti Ageing 50+ 12

Lumiere Marine Anti-Ageing & Brightening
£79 (contents worth £166.00 RRP)
Brightening Cream (50ml), Brightening Correcting Serum (30ml), Targeted Dark Spot Corrector (10ml)Lumiere Marine Anti Ageing Brightening 12