Leisure Club Success Story

January is the time for New Year's resolutions to be made and everyone likes a success story. Our blog about Leisure Club member Simon Insull below will hopefully inspire you!  Here Simon shares his story of his journey back to good health and fitness at Moor Hall’s Leisure Club.

Simon Before After Moor Hall Leisure Club

“I was an active sportsman through my teens, twenties and early thirties, but once I gave up team sports, I found I put weight on. I tended to yo-yo diet, overdo the gym, then return to my bad habits after just a few weeks. Once in my 40s I developed arthritic knees which made walking and kneeling very painful, so I gave up going to the gym all together which resulted in me putting on even more weight. In December 2017 I weighed nearly 22 stone so I knew it was time to take action to help my knees and improve my lifestyle.

After visiting quite a few Leisure Clubs in the area I decided to join Moor Hall’s because I was impressed not just by the facilities, but by the staff who really took the time to listen to my goals and to help put together an achievable plan for me.

My journey to fitness started by me doing High Intensity Interval Training sessions of around 30 minutes every morning at 7am, after which I ate a balanced breakfast. As I was going to the Club every day, I really enjoyed meeting fellow members in the morning and chatting about our progress. Then one day I tried a spin class and I was hooked! It’s the perfect low impact aerobic exercise for me so I now do 5 classes a week along with my morning training.

After chatting with Matt, the Leisure Club Manager, I adopted a lifestyle change of 'Clean Eating' following healthy recipes from the likes of The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. I am never hungry and while I am sticking to an intake of around 2,500 calories a day I am eating and enjoying really good food.

The Leisure Club staff have played an important role in advising me on my fitness regime and keeping me motivated by noticing how my body was changing (for the better!) I'm now a healthy 15st 12 which I'm comfortable with at 6ft 4in. It’s worth mentioning that my weight loss has enabled me to halve my pain killer intake. I know that in the future I may well have to have knee replacements, but at the moment I'm fully mobile and am keeping the pain well under control.

The Leisure Club at Moor Hall is a home from home for me. I’m totally comfortable there and I am really looking forward to training on the new equipment in the gym and continuing to enjoy the benefits of my new healthy lifestyle.”

Moor Hall Leisure Club - Simon

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