Married at Moor Hall – Tears of Joy!

Bride & Groom: Cat and Tom
Date of wedding: 17th June 17
Photography: Adrian Brown

Setting eyes on Moor Hall moved Cat’s mum to tears because she loved it so much – and the big day itself also proved a joyous occasion!

Grounds and Woodland 3

Tell us how Tom proposed

He took me to dinner at our favourite restaurant in London, then for cocktails at The Savoy (very uncharacteristic and I probably should have realised something was up at this point), then he took me to watch the ballet (the tickets were my birthday present from a few months earlier). Then I got taken to another posh hotel and got surprised with a room and champagne and then he proposed. It was late at night by this point and he'd had the ring in his pocket for about seven hours!

Why did you choose Moor Hall as your venue?

We liked the setting and loved the outdoor space. We knew we had to find a place that would work for lots of young kids, our friends and our older relatives. The Charter Suite was perfect for what we wanted and the amount of people we needed to have there. We also liked that the hotel already looked great and didn't really need decorating or any extra bits. We liked the people that worked there, people said hello to us as we were going round and Joanne who gave us the tour on the day was really lovely - I think this sealed the deal for us. We decided to book it the same day we went for a viewing and were happy that it looked great but was within our budget. It was perfect that we found a venue where most of our guests could stay, the majority of them did choose to stay there. The drive up to the hotel is also really lovely so we thought that would look great for people arriving for the wedding.

When we went to look at Moor Hall my parents came with us and when Joanne dimmed the lights in the Charter suite, my mom just started crying. I think she'd probably realised at that point that we were going to go for it and it was all a bit much for her! The venue really suited us because it didn't need a lot of decorating or fuss, there was plenty of space for people to enjoy themselves and the staff were amazing. We were able to just have fun and really enjoy our wedding day! We just wanted a really, really good party and that's what we had. The grounds also made for some brilliant photos.
Sunken Garden Adrian 3

What did you love most about your day?

I loved that all of our family and friends could spread out in the garden and the hotel and just enjoy the day. It was the hottest day of the year so it was important that people could just go wherever they were comfortable. I think we both enjoyed the evening party the most. We spent a lot of the evening on the dance floor and from our pictures it looks like people were happy and enjoyed the party.

Did you have a theme?

No, I don't like a lot of wedding fuss/stuff so I just wanted great food, a great venue and a brilliant party. Towards the end an unofficial rose gold/gold/old Hollywood glam theme started to appear but it wasn't really planned that way originally. The Charter Suite is also a bit glam so that kind of fitted what I liked.

Wedding Breakfast Reception Adrian

What inspired you as you planned the wedding?

My dress was a bit unusual and kind of dictated quite a lot of other things. We had to really pick things and colours that would go with the dress. Basically the entire wedding was built around a pink sequin dress!

Wedding Breakfast Reception 3 Adrian

Do you remember it all or did it all go too quickly?

I remember loads of it and we were lucky that our photographer Adrian Brown documented the day perfectly so we can get it back whenever we like. As soon as I saw our pictures I was back there again. The evening party seemed to go really quickly but from what I remember we were just dancing all night.

Evening Reception

Tell us about the food! What did you choose and did you and your guests love it?

We had smoked salmon, leek and potato soup, beef with a shin bon bon and crème brulée. I was amazed people could eat it all but our families have great appetites so they were up to the challenge. We couldn't believe how good the food was. A lot of the time wedding venues don't give the best portion sizes but that definitely didn't happen here!

Wedding Breakfast Reception 2 Adrian

Would you recommend Moor Hall as a wedding venue to family and friends?

We've been to a lot of weddings over the last few years and we have a pretty good idea of what they cost, I thought Moor Hall was an amazing price for all the things that were included. Lots of places have hidden charges, charge for loads of extras but we kind of knew where we were from the moment we booked it. The venue looked great and the staff there were really helpful; we were well looked after on the day as well Our bridal suite was really lovely too. Having researched other venues in the area online before we booked it, I'm really glad we booked Moor Hall and would recommend them.

Grounds and Woodland 2