Introducing Terraké by Thalgo

Relax, unwind and find your inner calm and tranquillity through an exquisite sensorial Terraké massage. Our therapist will determine which Terraké universe you have the most affinity with according to your mood and the needs of your skin: Terra Magica (earth), Primordial Waters, Of Air and Light and Luxuriant Plant Life. Each has its own unique fragrance and signature massage using accessories including warm precious stones, trickling rain sticks, light feather brushes and a contouring liana ribbon to enhance the sensations.
Terrake by Thalgo
Terra Magica (Earth), relaxing for harmony and warmth
The massage uses warm smooth stones to carry vital energy to the heart of your being.
Primordial Waters, energising for intense hydration
This relaxing massage uses Terraké “rain sticks” which feel as soft and invigorating as pure water running over your body.
Of Air & Light, exhilarating for detoxification and revitalisation
Using Terraké “feather brushes” this is a light and refined massage to stroke, knead and soothe the skin.
Luxuriant Plant Life, sculpting for absolute nourishment
Terraké’s special “liana ribbon” winds around you in this gentle massage to stretch and relax the body
Special Introductory Offer
Terraké Sensorial Massage - £50 (normally £75)
Offer valid until 31st October 2015.
Please book online or call us on 0121 334 2323.
Please note that although the full price of the treatment will show online, the discount will be applied when you pay for your treatment.

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