Inch Loss Treatments

We have two treatments available for quick fix inch-loss. The new Frigi-Thalgo Wrap helps create a streamlined figure and the Detox Massage is a great way to start a slimming programme.
  • Frigi-Thalgo Wrap - 45 mins Great for toning and inch-loss and for treating cellulite, this quick fix treatment wrap helps create a streamlined figure.
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  • Detox Massage - 70 mins The movements in this massage consist of draining techniques designed to encourage and assist the lymphatic system which helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Using a mixture of ice water and warm oils, this is a great way to start a slimming programme.
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Customer Reviews

I went to Moor Hall for a spa day last year and ever since I...
- Hannah B
Very relaxing, well explained, a really lovely treatment.
- Charlotte Y
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