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Thalgo’s Koh Tao Rituals Coming to Moor Hall This Summer

Thalgo’s NEW Koh Tao pop-up summer beauty rituals are inspired by the amazing spectacle of millions of red lotus blooms at a lake in Northern Thailand called the Red Lotus Sea. The new rituals for face and body invite you to surrender to inner calm and well-being.

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Koh Tao Face Ritual ‘Divine Serenity’

This ultra-sensory facial treatment starts with a marine mist, loaded with revitalising trace elements and minerals and follows with a melt-in scrub with marine crystals.

The neck, nape and shoulders are then relaxed by broad smoothing movements following the rhythm of the ocean. The long and stress-relieving ‘Heart of the Ocean Ritual’ initiates you into a deep state of relaxation and completely soothes the facial muscles, enchanted by the fragrances of sacred flower bouquets.

Once the face has been relieved of its signs of fatigue and stress, it is enveloped with a replenishing mask to restore the skin’s essential minerals and hydration.

The Divine Serenity Face Ritual ends with a beauty treatment featuring Thalgo’s Subline Hydrating Cream.

45-minute treatment for £70

Includes a Koh Tao Sublime Hydrating Cream or a Koh Tao Radiance Exfoliator to take home.

Koh Tao Sublime Hydrating Cream 40ml

Koh Tao Hydrating Cream

Thalgo’s limited edition hydrating cream is bursting with marine minerals, including the polysaccharides of a red alga, which grows at the heart of lagoons in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand. An everyday moisturising cream that intensely hydrates and revitalises the skin, leaving a velvety finish with notes of sacred flowers. This product is suitable for all skin types and should be applied to perfectly cleansed and make-up free skin in the morning and/or evening.

Koh Tao Radiance Exfoliator 40ml

Koh Tao Exfoliator

Thalgo’s limited edition exfoliator combines marine minerals and its fresh gel texture, with enchanting notes of sacred flowers, provides normal to combination skin with a smooth texture and reveals its natural radiance. Apply it once or twice a week to the damp face and neck with circular motions, avoiding the eye contour area. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Koh Tao Body Ritual ‘Infinite Serenity’

The Koh Tao massage is inspired by traditional Thai massage and ancestral techniques, which were originally taught in Buddhist temples to improve the harmony of life.  The result is a genuine escape from physical tension and negative emotions, based on the theory of energy lines, with the aim of stretching all the joints, stimulating acupressure points, and evacuating all the tension accumulated by the body, offering a concentrate of vitality and total relaxation.

This Koh Tao ultra-sensorial body ritual creates a relaxing bubble where tension, stress and fatigue vanish and allows the body and mind to reach a deep state of relaxation and completely switch off. The massage ends at the plantar arches in the feet, the body’s anchor point, to breathe new energy into it.

45-minute treatment for £60

Combine both face and body ritual for a luxurious 90 minute treatment with either the hydrating cream or exfoliator for the special price of £120.

Add use of our spa and leisure facilities for just £15.

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Call the Spa Team on 0121 334 2323 to book your Koh Tao treatment today. These treatments are available for a limited time only.

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